21st Belmont Small Business Awards – Environmental Award, Sponsored by GreenHouse Technologies If I asked you to donate $100 to help protect the Environment my guess is you would not. If I asked you to give me $10 and I would give you back $100 and donate $100 to protect the Environment at the same time, my guess is you would not hesitate. And yes, this is actually possible! We all inhabit a world where we are live for today; to survive and to take as much we can, even if this is at the expense of our natural resources. We do not want to spend more money than we need to, especially if our competitors are not. Fortunately, the sustainability of our businesses can now be improved while also reducing the environmental impact. Being less dependent on natural resources, reducing purchases and maintenance will increase your profitability and long term growth, especially with continued rising costs. For this award, I am encouraging companies to reduce their energy costs, to reduce their use of hazardous materials and to reduce unnecessary consumption and waste, whist making savings and becoming more profitable.